Lot: FluoriteCut-7




COLOR: Neon Electric Blue, Neon Greenish Blue, Neon Paraiba Blue to Windex Blue
CLARITY: Very slightly to moderately included
ORIGIN: Khandahar, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from 44.23 to 125.00 Carats (86.25 Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 345.00 Carats (4 Pieces) 69 Grams
PRICE: $207.00 ($.60 Per Carat / $3.00 Per Gram)

Breathtaking lot of Paraiba Neon Bluish Green to Windex Blue colored Cut Fluorites from  Khandahar, Afghanistan. The color of these stones is generally an Electric Paraiba Blue. It is important to note that the stones were faceted IN Pakistan and as such the faceting is not the best and most of these stones should ideally be recut. If these were cut better we wouldn't be selling these for less than $3.00 per carat ourselves! Some of the stones do unfortunately have extra facets and some nicks; however, recutting these should enhance their value several fold and we have priced this as we would Fluorite Faceting Rough.

All of these stones do have some inclusions; however, that is to be expected when the average weight is 86+ carats and the color this intense. The inclusions in these are typical of Afghan Fluorite and include veils and silk with the occasional feather though every one of these is a site to behold. Please note that these are large gems and the average weight is about 86+ CARATS each. The Afghans do sell quite a bit of Fluorite Rough; however, anything large and nice is usually faceted locally because of the value it commands locally.

This is super colored Fluorite and Afghan Fluorite is fast becoming the standard for top Neon Blue Fluorite! Please note that the color in the pictures varies a bit because of lighting and this material changes color a bit depending on the light source! We picked this lot up at a steal and are passing the savings on to you. I don't think you could get a better price on these! Cutting costs usually exceed our per carat price on these so DON'T miss this bargain!

  1. It is interesting to note that this find has significantly increased the territory and land mass thought to house Rough Gemstone deposits in Afghanistan and South Asia in general. Prior to recent Demantoid and Fluorite finds in Southern Afghanistan only Northern Afghanistan was known to produce significant quantities of Gemstones.

  2. The Khandahar Fluorite find is a massive find and unlike most Gemstones found in Afghanistan, it RARELY occurs in crystal form. It is mined in massive veins containing thick shafts of Fluorite running several meters deep.