Lot: Apatite-13




COLOR: Grayish Minty Green, Pastel Grape Green
CLARITY: Cabbing and Specimen Grade
ORIGIN: Badakshan, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 1.21 to 60.17 Carats (8.68+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 895.00 Carats (103 Pieces) 179 Grams
PRICE: $89.50 ($.10 Per Carat / $.50 Per Gram)

Awesome New Find of a very unusual almost Pastel Grape Green Apatite from Badakshan, Afghanistan. We are unfortunately not 100% certain on the origin of this material as it may be from Pakistan; however, we were assured by the seller that it was from Badakshan in Afghanistan. Overall the material is mostly Cabbing and Specimen Grade and it is being sold as such; however, there are a few small gemmy areas in some of the stones. The lot is comprised mostly of chunky Crystals and Crystal sections shaped for high yield and we are confident this would make a great addition to the collection for rarities. We have never seen this material before and believe it was just an unusual pocket that was unearthed. This is all we have of this material so grab it before it is gone.