Lot: Coral-17




COLOR: Pale to Medium Salmon, White
CLARITY: Cabbing Rough
ORIGIN: Pacific
SIZE: Stones range in size from 9.78 to 26.80 Carats (18.28+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 256.00 Carats (14 Pieces) 51.2 Grams
PRICE: $153.60 ($.60 Per Carat / $3.00 Per Gram)

Awesome Lot of NATURAL Orangey Salmon to White Pacific Coral Cabbing Rough. This material is old stock that we were lucky to get our hands on. We don't actively stock this material and have a VERY limited amount on hand.

Most of the stones in this lot are elongated branches with a nice bright color. This is lighter in color than most material typically available from the Mediterranean and the color varies from piece to piece much more significantly; however, it is great for some Coral variety and for the Coral Connoisseurs.

These are nice chunky pieces and they will undoubtedly produce some spectacular finished gems! Dyed Chinese Coral has recently flooded the market and this material is NOT to be confused with it. This material was sold to us as natural and we are confident it is. It is very difficult to find this material and we don't have much to go around so grab this parcel while you still can!