Lot: Feldspar-1




COLOR: Neon Blue Green to Steel Bluish Green
CLARITY: Will cut very slightly to heavily included stones (Mixed Facet Cab Grade)
ORIGIN: Kantiwow, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 1.83 to 34.25 Carats (5.51+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 320 Carats (58 Pieces) 64 Grams
PRICE: $128.00 ($.40 Per Carat / $2.00 Per Gram)

Awesome NEW FIND of Neon Bluish Green to Steel Bluish Green Rough from Kantiwow, Afghanistan. OK folks, we really don't have the slightest clue what this is; however, it appears as though the rough has some type of "schiller" visible that is reminiscent of Feldspar. We don't have much exposure to Feldspar rough and therefore this is not the best judgment call at our end. The material as a whole is mostly very slightly to slightly included with this schiller looking effect. Now, I have typically seen schiller that is concentrated at a center of say Sunstone or where it is so pervasive that the entire stone shows up as being translucent and not transparent; however, the "schiller" in this looks like it is found throughout the rough and runs in parallel lines. This was given to us as a new find that no one can identify on location and we are just moving it out to one lucky person who gets to pick it up. We don't really know how much more will be found if any so this may not be seen again in the market!