COLOR: Paraiba Neon Blue, Aqua Blue, Sea-Foam, Peacock Purple
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones
ORIGIN: Khandahar, Afghanistan
SIZE: Most stones range in size from Approximately 2 to 500+ Grams (25-75+ Gram Average)
WEIGHT: 5,000 Carats 1,000 Grams
PRICE: $25.00 Per Kilo (2 Kilo Minimum Purchase)

We have an ongoing supply of Neon Blue to Indigo Fluorite from a fairly new find in Khandahar, Afghanistan. The color in many of these stones rivals Paraiba Tourmaline; however, there are some Sea Blues, Purples and bicolors mixed in. This is a must have for the Fluorite collector and an oddity to find in the rough. This is being sold strictly as Cabbing grade; however, there is a significant amount of facet rough in here. Most pieces are chunky and much of the larger stones in here are ideal for carving, making some large cabs and/or for some creative jewelry projects. Most of the stones do contain some silk veiling, color banding and inclusions; however, most of these are not threatening to the durability of the rough.

This is some of the FINEST colored Fluorite we have seen in the market and Afghan Fluorite is fast becoming the standard for top Neon Blue Fluorite! Please note that the color in the pictures varies a bit because of lighting and this material changes color a bit depending on the light source!

  1. It is interesting to note that this find has significantly increased the territory and land mass thought to house Rough Gemstone deposits in Afghanistan and South Asia in general. Prior to recent Demantoid and Fluorite finds in Southern Afghanistan only Northern Afghanistan was known to produce significant quantities of Gemstones.

  2. The Khandahar Fluorite find is a massive find and unlike most Gemstones found in Afghanistan, it RARELY occurs in crystal form. It is mined in massive veins containing thick shafts of Fluorite running several meters deep.