Lot: Garnet-11




COLOR: Chrome Green, Hunter Green, Lime Green to Yellowish Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones (20%+ Mixed Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Kerman, Iran
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .2 to 14+ Carats (1+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 588.31 Carats (576 Pieces) 117.66 Grams
PRICE: $1,029.54 ($1.75 Per Carat)

NEW FIND of Demantoid Garnet from Kerman, Iran. The pictures don't really do this material justice. Approximately 20%+ of this material is low to high facet grade and a lovely Chrome Green in color. Many stones in the lot have included cores with extremely clean exteriors and can be cobbed to produce some top quality facet rough. The majority of the facet grade material in this lot is sub carat; however, there are a few lovely stones that are a few carats in size. Please note that even melee in this stuff is quite costly and the color on many of these stones  will just blow you away!

There is a very limited amount of this coming from Iran and we are glad to be one of the select few dealers carrying this material. Many of the stones in here are crystals or partial crystals and crystal sections and would be great for mineral collectors as well. There is also some really cool color banding in some stones that may be oriented to produce bicolored or banded finished stones. I think this lot is worth picking up just for the small amount of Facet Rough in it. The material really is MUCH better than the pictures show and you have to look at this stuff in person to fully appreciate its beauty.

  1. There have been two notable finds of Demantoid coming from South Asia. Khost, Afghanistan has produced some spectacular Demantoid Crystals with super luster that were high facet grade; however, the color was more of a neon and Lime Green than the preferred Chrome Green. Iran has also produced Demantoid but of a more beautiful Chrome Green. Generally speaking, most of the Irani material gets excessively dark in the larger sizes and we suggest staying under 2 carats for ideal cut stones.