Lot: Kyanite-4





COLOR: Dark Aqua Blue, Cornflower Blue, Indigo, Neon Blue, Pariaba Greenish Blue, Neon Teal
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones (65%+ Low to High Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Kilimanjaro Region & Tanga, Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 8.3 to 1,200+ Carats (94+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 1,043.28 Grams (55 Pieces) 1.04 Kilos
PRICE: $417.31 ($.40 Per Gram)

Lovely lot of Cornflower Blue to an almost Electric Kashmir Blue Kyanite from Tanzania. This is some of the nicest material that we have seen for Kyanite. Overall the material is pretty clean with 65%+ of the material being facet grade. Please note that this is inclusive of Low to High Facet Grade Rough in the Lot. Kyanite is usually very slightly included at best and this is no exception. There are quite a few stones in here that will cut eye-clean to very slightly included or better; however, most stones in this lot are slightly to moderate included. Please note that this material looks semi-alluvial in nature and some of the colors are just breathtaking!

Most stones are elongated crystal sections and the material is pretty uniform in shape. Some of the stones do have some very distinct color banding as is common in Kyanite. The cleaner stones in here retail for several dollars per carat and a quick search on the net will show you that. This is not the excessively included material that you see people selling for $1.00 or under per carat. A significant portion of this is Good Rough material for Kyanite in nice medium sized pieces. The rough is very gemmy for Kyanite. We are currently negotiating a regular supply of this rough; however, that will take a little time.

  1. Kyanite is a Sky-blue to Colorless mineral that occurs in thin-bladed crystals and crystalline aggregates. The material can occur in a variety of colors; however, most material tends to be a bluish shade and/or a greenish blue shade. Cleavage seems very distinct with some material looking kind of like mica. This looks like it is another one of those Kunzite kind of stones to cut so we don't advise this for the amateur.