Lot: Morganite-5




COLOR: Peach, Peachy Pink, Pink, Orangey Pink, Pale Aqua, White
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones
ORIGIN: Kunar, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 18 to 1,500+ Carats (300 Carat Average Per Piece)
WEIGHT: 3,573.86 Grams (61 Pieces) 3.57 Kilos
PRICE: $536.08 ($150.00 Per Kilo)

Nice large lot of Afghan Morganite that is ideal for Carving and/or Cabbing. This material runs from a nice peachy pink to a pale pink and white. There is some facet grade material in here; however, it is not a significant amount. Most of this material is slightly to heavily included and you will have to cob and/or saw a significant amount of rough to get to the top facet grade material out. We don't advise doing so for most of this rough as it will result in excessive weight loss. Most pieces in this lot are LARGE and cobbing and/or sawing to get gemmy material out would considerably reduce their size. This lot is being sold as low to high grade cabbing & carving rough and it is priced as such! We rarely get material of this caliber so don't miss out.

  1. In Afghanistan Morganite is almost always classified by crystal structure and not so much by color. This is why you will occasionally see some light Aqua colored stones in Afghan Morganite lots.

  2. There is only a limited amount of Afghan Morganite produced every year and annual production has been steadily decreasing.