By The Gram





COLOR: Cornflower Blue, Kashmir Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Greenish Blue, Lime Green, Bluish Teal, Pastel Yellow to Medium Dark Yellow
CLARITY: Eye-clean to very slightly included (95%+ top facet grade)
ORIGIN: Antan Village, Kaduna, Nigeria
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 1.25 to 25.5+ Carats (4+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 50 Carats Minimum Purchase 10 Grams

10-49 Grams                                $25.00
50-149 Grams                              $22.00
150-299 Grams                            $20.00
300-799 Grams                            $18.00
800+ Grams                                 $16.00


Super Cornflower Blue to Bright Vibrant Yellow Sapphire Facet Rough from Antan Nigeria! This is some of the cleanest material we have had come by us and we have established mine direct links to bring it to you at ROCK BOTTOM prices! The material is running roughly 90% or so eye-clean with the remainder having some minor inclusions and/or feathers that should almost always facet or cob out. This is one of the best values we currently have up and we are confident that our prices will not be matched on this material as most Nigerians in Nigeria are charging $20+ per gram for trashy sapphire!

This material is a mix of colors as is indicative of the above pictures and most stones run from 1.5 to 3 or so carats with a few stones in here going up to 3 grams and over! Generally speaking we will NOT drop in the large stones for low volume purchasers. Overall our assessment is that this material is good to cut stones from about .75 to 2.5+ carats with some that will cut larger. Over 2.5 carats much but not all of the material will begin to get too dark and therefore we do not advise it. There are some stones in here that will cut nice fairly bright gems in the 5+ carat range while others will cut dark at smaller carat weights; however, our analysis is a generalization of the material as a whole. As a whole the material is generally a Royal to Dark Kashmir blue with many stones having the greenish overtone down one axis and some stones having color banding common for Corundum. There are some neat bicolors in here with yellow and blue combinations and there are some very usual lemon greens in here like I have never seen before. Larger stones tend to get dark and cobbing and/or sawing them is necessary to produce finished stones in the size range indicated above.

Please note the following: We just got a new shipment of this material in and almost all of it is already gone. In addition, production is at a standstill and prices at the mines have gone above what we are selling the material for at the moment. As a result of these events we do not know if we will be getting additional material in stock at the same price once this is gone. We have a limited amount of this material on hand so don't miss your chance to pick some up. Please note that we are hearing rumors that a treatment for this material or some of this material has been developed and it has increased demand during the current rainy season in Nigeria. Production is relatively low for this grade material and it takes us roughly 2+ months worth of mining to acquire 1 kilo of clean rough during the mining season much less the rainy season.  There is a 10 Gram minimum purchase and we strongly advise larger purchases to get the best material. This material is subject to reserve status; however, if funds are not received within 3-5 business days the reserved status will be removed. We auctioned off a few of these pieces on Ebay and were averaging about $10-25.00 or so per carat and our bidders have raved about the material! This is ideal material for resale and/or cutting! Please don't miss out on this as it will be quite some time before we get our next batch in if at all.

  1. Nigeria is currently producing sapphire at three different sites. This material is from Antan and we are hopeful of getting additional material from different locations as the demand for the rough becomes evident. We are currently working with mine holders in Tanzania to acquire some nice East African Sapphire Rough in the the future!