Lot: SapphireBTG-2




COLOR: Bluish Green, Canary Yellow, Cornflower Blue, Greenish Blue, Pastel Yellow
CLARITY: Eye-clean to very slightly included (98%+ top top facet grade)
ORIGIN: Songea, Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .2 TO 1+ Carats (.60+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 50 Gram Minimum 50+ Gram Lots

50-99.9 Grams                             $2.50 Per Gram
100+ Grams                                 $1.50 Per Gram


Super lot of vivid Cornflower Blue to Greenish Blue and Yellow Songea Sapphire Faceting Rough from Tanzania.  This is awesome alluvial rough with the bulk of the stones looking eye-clean or better. Most stones are nice and chunky capable of supporting above average weight returns. This material is very glassy and even though the average weight is about .60 carats I'm confident you will get some dazzling stones out of here.

We did a quick run of any color changers and there are definitely a few color change stones in here at the very least. Please note that this is 100% natural material and most stones have nice vivid color. We have seen many sellers selling Songea material and charging an arm and a leg and/or selling light colors advising that the stones are capable of being treated - THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS! - These stones are JUST perfect the way they are though they can be treated to enhance the color! Please note that there is a 50 Gram MINIMUM PURCHASE and that these stones are really only suitable for overseas Melee Cutting as the average weight is relatively small; however, our price on these for the quality and quantity is unbeatable!

  1. Tanzania is a hot spot for Sapphire Rough; however, over the last few years many dealers for Tanzanian Mine Direct rough have been shooting their prices up through the roof. This increase has largely been unwarranted in the smaller sizes of sapphire which are readily available in Tanzania at reasonable prices. We are working towards establishing links that will guarantee us a stable supply of Tanzanian Sapphire Rough at a REASONABLE price in a variety of sizes! Shop around and you will see how reasonable our prices really are.