Lot: Pak-Garnet-12




COLOR: Lime to Olive Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones (20%+ Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Balochistan,  Pakistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .1 to 6 Carats (.85 Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 1,565 Carats 313 Grams
PRICE: $156.50 ( $.50 Per Gram / $500.00 Per Kilo)

NEW FIND of a Lime Green to an Olive Green Garnet from Balochistan, Pakistan. This material has only recently started trickling into the Pakistani marketplace and we are 1 of the few dealers who have access to it. From our understanding there really is only 1 individual brining this material into the marketplace from Balochistan and there really isn't much available in larger sizes. We don't know if this is Chromium colored or what species of Garnet it is but we do know that we are practically giving this away at our price! Over the last year there have been dozens of new finds coming from the Balochistan area putting it on the map as a hotbed for new Gemstone discoveries. Balochistan was originally not considered a mineral rich area but there are some great signs coming from the area of some unusual materials not seen before in the marketplace.

The pictures don't really do this material justice. Approximately 20%+ of this material is facet grade and a lovely Lime Green in color. The material really is MUCH better than the pictures show and you have to look at this stuff in person to fully appreciate its beauty. Don't miss your chance to own this spectacular lot!

  1. There have been two notable finds of Demantoid coming from South Asia. Khost, Afghanistan has produced some spectacular Demantoid Crystals with super luster that were high facet grade; however, the color was more of a neon and Lime Green than the preferred Chrome Green. Iran has also produced Demantoid but of a more beautiful Chrome Green. Generally speaking, most of the Irani material gets excessively dark in the larger sizes and we suggest staying under 2 carats for ideal cut stones.