Lot: Amethyst-2




COLOR: Pastel Purple to Siberian Purple
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to slightly included stones (85%+ Top Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Nigeria
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 8.25 to 200+ Carats (41.7+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 1,544.00 Carats (37 Pieces) 308.80 Grams
PRICE: $308.80 ($1.00 Per Gram)
Lovely Lot of Nigerian Amethyst Faceting Rough running from a Pastel Purple to a Siberian Purple. This is very high grade material with roughly 85%+ being Top Facet Rough. Most stones are chunky crystal sections and many show partial terminations. These are NOT small pieces and the average stone size is 40+ Carats! There are 1 or 2 stones in here that are moderately included and may be best suited for cabs but even those can be faceted with a little planning.
Please note that due to the size of this rough and the volume of rough we receive, we have not cobbed and cleaned this material up to make the stones eye-clean. A significant percentage of the stones in this lot do have some minor inclusions and veils; however, this is very gemmy material and many inclusions can be worked around and/or should cut out. There are some stones where you will have to divide into several stones to get eye-clean or better finished gems. This is a GREAT value as we have discounted it to move quick! We don't know too many people IN Nigeria who are selling this caliber material for $1.00 Per Gram so don't miss this opportunity!!