Lot: Apatite-2




COLOR: Lime Green to Greenish Yellow & Golden Greenish Yellow to Olive Peridot Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to moderately included stones
ORIGIN: Kilimanjaro Region & Tanga, Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 6.5 to 34+ Carats (14+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 647 Carats (46 Pieces) 129.4 Grams
PRICE: $129.40 ($1.00 Per Gram)

Lime Green to Greenish Yellow colored Apatite rough from a new find in Tanzania. This is very lovely and unusual material with the larger portion being facet grade. These are very large select pieces. The material is very gemmy and unlike most Apatite this material is not heavily fractured; however, much of the material does contain a fine sheen and pinpoints scattered here and there. In addition, some of the rough contains chatoyancy that may cut Cat's Eye stones.

The material is averaging around 14+ carats and I would say roughly 70% of the material looks like medium to high grade facet rough. Any way you look at it this material is a steal at our current price and it is worth picking up for the cost with your eyes closed. This may turn up being considerably more valuable as we really haven't seen any "Apatite" quite like this in the market.

Please note that this material was sold to us as Apatite and our partner in Tanzania was adamant of the material being Apatite; however, we have our reservations. Our partner in Tanzania dispelled our reservations by assuring us the material was Apatite and we have had several clients confirm this though we can't guarantee it because we haven't tested it ourselves. You should purchase this lot taking these reservations into consideration.