Lot: Apatite-4




COLOR: Amber, Brownish Orange, Reddish Orange to Sunset Orange
CLARITY: Will cut slightly to heavily included stones (Cab Grade)
ORIGIN: Kilimanjaro Region & Tanga, Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 9 to 46.6+ Carats (20.25+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 729.07 Carats (36 Pieces) 145.81 Grams
PRICE: $29.16 ($.20 Per Gram)

Sunset Reddish Orange to Amber colored Apatite Lot of cabbing rough from Tanzania. This is a new find from Tanzania. This lot was sent to us as closely resembling Spessartite and Hessonite in color and properties. Much of the material has a fine sheen internally that makes it ideal for cabbing. The sheen is very similar to the sheen that is common to Hessonite Garnet. The material overall doesn't really have any feathers or major inclusions and it is the sheen that makes this material cabbing grade. This is very lovely material with some possible facet rough in the lot as well. Please note that this material is being sold as cabbing grade.  The material is in fairly chunky pieces averaging around 20+ carats! Any way you look at it this material is a steal at our current price and well worth picking up. This may turn up being considerably more valuable as we really haven't seen any "Apatite" quite like this.

Please note that this material was sold to us as Apatite and our partner was adamant of the material being Apatite; however, we have our reservations. From an initial run through the material we thought it was cat's-eye opal. Our partner in Tanzania dispelled our reservations by assuring us the material was Apatite; however, some of our reservations still persist. You should purchase this lot taking these reservations into consideration.

  1. This is from a new find in the Kilimanjaro Region & Tanga Region of Tanzania. There are a variety of colors being produced in this region and a considerable portion of the find is producing material that cuts the most amazing Cat's Eye gemstones!