Lot: Garnet-10



COLOR: Intense Pure Orange, Mandarin Orange, Tangerine with 1 Reddish Orange
CLARITY: Will cut very slightly to moderately included stones (70%+ Low to Top Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Namibia-Nigeria
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 7 to 18.25+ Carats (9.98+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 229.59 Carats (23 Pieces) 45.92 Grams
PRICE: $229.59 ($5.00 Per Gram)

Lot of Mandarin Garnet from Nigeria and/or Namibia with the most spectacular pure orange color. These are nice chunky water worn nodules with a bright Mandarin orange color. All of these stones have some inclusions with the bulk being slightly to moderately included. These inclusions are typical for this Garnet species and it is extremely rare to find clean Mandarin Garnets in this size. Most finished stones will be slightly included to moderately included and should cut in the 3+ carat range if cut for yield. There are a few cleaner stones in here that will cut very slightly included; however, there will probably be above average weight loss. This was sent to us as a sample and we are presently working on setting up a steady supply of this rough.

  1. Nigerian and Namibian Mandarin Garnet deposits are fast being depleted with most of the earlier larger material gone already. Initial finds were alluvial in nature and as those sources are depleted more work will be required to unearth these treasures at the primary deposits. This in the end will boil down to higher prices and sporadic production.