Lot: Garnet-12




COLOR: Chrome Green, Hunter Green, Lime Green to Yellowish Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to heavily included stones
ORIGIN: Kerman, Iran
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .01 to .45+ Carats
WEIGHT: 729 Carats 145.8 Grams
PRICE: $25.00

Demantoid Garnet from Kerman, Iran. Most of this is tiny material suitable for creative jewelry projects. There are some stones in here that may be suitable for overseas melee cutting; however, most would be pretty small. There is a very limited amount of Demantoid coming from Iran and we are glad to be one of the select few dealers carrying this material. This is a moderately priced due to the size of the rough and it will be great for the right person.

  1. There have been two notable finds of Demantoid coming from South Asia. Khost, Afghanistan has produced some spectacular Demantoid Crystals with super luster that were high facet grade; however, the color was more of a neon and Lime Green than the preferred Chrome Green. Iran has also produced Demantoid but of a more beautiful Chrome Green. Generally speaking, most of the Irani material gets excessively dark in the larger sizes and we suggest staying under 2 carats for ideal cut stones.