Lot: Garnet-31




COLOR: Bubble-Gum Pink, Pinkish Red, Pinkish Rose Red, Pinkish Purplish Red to Rose Red
CLARITY: Most stones will cut eye-clean to slightly included (75%+ Top Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 3.5 to 8.1+ Carats (5.18 Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 186.48 Carats (36 Pieces) 37.30 Grams
PRICE: $233.10 ($1.25 Per Carat / $6.25 Per Gram)

Vibrant Lot of Bubble-Gum Pink to Rose Red Tanzanian Umbalite/Rhodolite Garnet Facet Rough. This material was sold to us as Rhodolite Garnet; however, we have not tested it and therefore can not ascertain whether it is or is not Rhodolite. The material is some of the brightest and Pinkest Garnet we have seen in quite some time. This Lot is running roughly 80%+ Top Facet Grade. Some stones do have minor inclusions and silk; however, most of these inclusions are confined to the periphery and should facet out or mask up well with a little planning and hard work.

This is the material you see being sold all around at $8.00+ per carat and at our price we are practically giving it away! We recently got a shipment of this material in from Tanzania and this is 1 of 4 lots of this new rough that we are making available at this time. We are working on establishing a regular supply of this rough and have made significant progress in that endeavor so please do keep an eye-out for more in the future. The lot is priced to sell so don't miss out.

  1. Bright Pink and Pinkish Red Garnet is a rarity as the market is overflowing with overly dark Red and Brownish Red material that has become the norm for facet grade garnet. This material is extremely vibrant and clean! We are confident that this material will leave you in awe at the very least!