Lot: Quartz-1



COLOR: Silver to Light Smokey
CLARITY: Eye-clean to moderately included
ORIGIN: NWFP, Pakistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately .20 to 39+ Carats (4.08+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 612.75 Carats (150 Pieces) 122.55 Grams
PRICE: $100.00

This is a NEW FIND of Quartz coming from Pakistan and is being referred to as "Diamond Quartz" in the local markets where it is sold. This material is extremely similar to Herkimer Diamond with a cool new twist. Many of these stones have liquid inclusions! Some of these look like they are three phase inclusions and have a solid, liquid and gas combination clearly visible to the naked eye! Some of these inclusions show up as a light yellow to an almost canary yellow in color while others are clear.

There is a very limited amount of this in the markets in Pakistan and it has already begun to climb in price EXTREMELY quickly. The price has already practically tripled since we had this sample purchased and we are hoping to get additional material in the future; however, that is dependent on demand and current market prices abroad. Many of these are excellent examples of Fadden Quartz that Pakistan is well known for with quite a few exhibit new features unseen before. There are new black inclusions and weird internal etchings located inside the Quartz crystals. This material really shouldn't be faceted as it is a hot collectors item; however, I think faceting a stone with a three phase inclusion in the center would probably just blow people away! Please note that most of these are crystal sections having perfect razor sharp termination at both ends and SUPER luster. The cleaner material looks virtually identical to Herkimer Quartz while the included material is definitely worth picking this lot up for! There are even a few really sweet Quartz clusters in here that would be a great addition to the specimen collection!

  1. This is new discover of Quartz coming from western Pakistan. There are some really unusual inclusions in many of these crystals and we are confident that they will be identified as new inclusions for Quartz in the near future. This material is going up exponentially in price and supply is limited. This material was only discovered a few months ago at MOST and we know of no one else in the US carrying it.