Lot: Pargasite-1



COLOR: Lime Green to Emerald Green
CLARITY: Will cut slightly to heavily included stones
ORIGIN: Aliabad, Hunza Valley, Pakistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .40 to 68+ Carats (6+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 359.24 Carats (59 Pieces) 71.85 Grams
PRICE: $53.89 ($.75 Per Gram)

Rare lot of mostly Emerald Green Pargasite from Pakistan. This material is EXTREMELY difficult to get a hold of and is highly sought after by collectors. This is a great lot of mostly cabbing grade material; however, there are a few stones in here that look gemmy enough to facet some small stones most likely below 1 carat. This is being sold as cabbing grade rough and it is priced as such. There is really nowhere you can pick up this material for cabbing or cutting so don't miss your chance. There are some crystals and/or crystal sections in here that may be suitable for collectors; however, there are no guarantees. Please note that a few of the stones are attached to their matrix. This was an odd lot that was sent to us included with other rough and we don't plan on getting any more in the future.

  1. Pargasite is a dark green aluminous variety of amphibole, or hornblende and Pakistani deposits are very limited.