Lot: Scapolite-2




COLOR: Medium Deep Purple to Siberian Purple
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to moderately included stones (40-60%+ Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Badakshan, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately .60 to 16.75+ Carats (3.75+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 256.24 Carats (70 Pieces) 51.25 Grams
PRICE: $256.24 ($5.00 Per Gram)

This is a NEW FIND of Scapolite coming from Badakshan, Afghanistan. This is the first lot of this material we have gotten a hold of that is a decent dark color in nice chunky crystal sections. Quite a few of these stones do have a slight to moderate amount of inclusions; however, there are quite a few nice stones in here and we estimate that at least 40% of this is medium to high grade facet rough. There is probably considerably more facet rough that will need to be cobbed out. This is a RARE find and I haven't heard of anyone else who has this material from Afghanistan so don't miss your chance to pick it up. There are also quite a few stones in here that exhibit what looks to be Chatoyancy and these should cut some pretty spectacular cat's eye gemstones. We got this at a great price and are passing the savings on to you!

  1. This is the first lot of Scapolite I have seen coming from Afghanistan in this dark a color and large a size. We are hearing of dozens of new finds in Badakshan of several different gem species and are anxiously awaiting to see first hand what is coming from the region.