Lot: Spinel-6




COLOR: Bubble-Gum Pink, Cobalt Blue, Cornflower Blue, Cranberry, Peacock Purple, Lilac, Bluish Teal
CLARITY: Eye-clean to moderately included (85%+ Top Top Facet Rough)
ORIGIN: Tunduru, Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from Approximately 1 to 8.6 Carats (2.73+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 115.04 Carats (42 Pieces) 23.01 Grams
PRICE: $172.56 ($1.50 Per Carat / $7.50 Per Gram)

Super vivid Peacock Purple to Cornflower Blue colored Lot of alluvial Spinel from the Tunduru Riverbeds in Tanzania. These are the most awesome vibrant colors and most stones in this lot look eye-clean or better; however, roughly 15% of these are very slightly to moderately included. I think about 2-4 stones in here are really cabbing grade but the rest are a site to behold. These are not the largest stones; however, this material is seldom available in 1+ Gram sizes and this lot is a nice group of fairly chunky pieces that will undoubtedly cut some of the most breathtaking finished stones. The price on this material has begun to climb and it is a good time to invest in some of this rough before the source is run dry. We recently got a shipment of this material in from Tanzania and this is the first lot of this new rough that we are making available. We are working on establishing a regular supply of this rough and though this has been difficult, we have made significant progress in that endeavor. The lot is priced to sell so don't miss out.

  1. Tanzania has long been known as a source for the most beautiful Peacock Purple and Cornflower Blue Spinels. This material is alluvial in nature and as a result most of this material tends to be very high facet grade. Over the last few years 1+ gram stones have become increasingly scarce and smaller stones are beginning to go up in price considerably.