Lot: Tourmaline-45




COLOR: Neon Blue, Neon Green, Minty Blue & Green, Hunter Green, Yellowish Green, Pink, Sapphire Blue, Sea-Foam Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to moderately included stones (20%+ Low to High Grade Facet Rough)
ORIGIN:  Kunar, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately .25 to 3.85+ Carats (1.06+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 831.02 Carats (778 Pieces) 166.2 Grams
PRICE: $166.20 ($.20 Per Carat / $1.00 Per Gram)

Awesome lot of Afghan Tourmaline cabbing and/or faceting rough containing practically every color of the spectrum. This lot is primarily a Neon Green to a Sea-Foam Green; however, there are quite a few other colors in here. This lot is really indicative of the variety Afghanistan has to offer in Tourmaline color! I would say that roughly 80% of this material is Cabbing grade being moderately to heavily included; however, there are quite a few stones in here that are semi-facet and/or facet grade. We are being very conservative with our estimate and are confident that people may find a higher portion of this lot to be facet grade. Most stones in this lot are crystal sections and will support high yields. This lot is being sold strictly as cabbing grade and is priced as such. The stones are nice and bright and should hold their color well once cut. The price on this just doesn't get any better! We have a fairly consistent supply of this material for those interested in picking up additional rough so please feel free to email us with your needs.

  1. Afghan Tourmaline pockets tend to be relatively small in size and as a result consistency in color & quality is a rarity! We have never seen Afghan Tourmaline sold by the kilo with like colored and quality material and lots are generally small in size seldom going over 1/2-1 kilo.

  2. All Afghan Tourmaline is exhumed from primary deposits and as a result mining costs are considerably higher due to dynamite expenditures and traveling expenditures to get to remote mining areas. It is also interesting to note that since all Afghan Tourmaline is from primary deposits most rough will usually have sharp crystal faces.