COLOR: Bubble-Gum Pink,  Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Magenta, Peachy Red, Pinkish Red to Ruby Red, Purplish Red
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to very slightly included stones (90%+ High Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Nigeria
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 1.8 to 10.25+ Carats (4.09+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 90.13 Carats (22 Pieces) 18.03 Grams
PRICE: $225.33 ($12.50 Per Gram)

Awesome Lot of Deep Fuchsia to Vibrant Pinkish Magenta Nigerian Rubelite Tourmaline Faceting Rough. This Lot has some of the most amazing colors that are guaranteed to leave you breathless. Most Nigerian Tourmaline on the market today tends to have excessive dark Brownish overtones and this Lot is a breath of fresh air from that!! Most stones in here are eye-clean or better and should cut eye-clean or better finished gems. After a quick run through we noticed two stones that had slight inclusions but both of those should cut eye-clean or better with a bit higher than average weight loss. Please don't let the abraded exterior of these crystals fool you, these are from a particular mine that produced better colored Rubelite than many other Nigerian mines.

I would say about 95%+ of this is some good Facet Rough while the remainder is mostly decent material that will cut eye-clean with a little work. Most of the stones are nicely shaped for high yield with quite a few bulky crystal sections and a few nodules. We have a very limited amount of this material on hand and probably won't be getting more until our return from Pakistan so don't miss this lot! This is a lot that we personally recommend picking up for the price!

  1. Nigeria has steadily risen to be a powerhouse country for Tourmaline production and is now set to eclipse many traditional sources in sheer volume of material. Overall Nigerian material, like most African material, has the brownish overtones, darker colors and lacks the vibrancy and life that Afghan (and some Namibian and Nigerian) Tourmaline is known for; however, many Nigerian and African stones can cut beautiful finished gems that rival Afghan material. From my experience I don't think quality is even questionable as I still haven't seen any Tourmaline Floor me like the Best Afghani material in its natural crystal form! Afghan Tourmaline can cost an arm and a leg and Nigerian material is a great affordable substitute for everyone to have fun faceting some Tourmaline.