Lot: Tourmaline-82




COLOR: Neon Blue, Cobalt Blue, Sapphire Blue, Cornflower Blue, Dark Aqua Blue, Paraiba Blue
CLARITY: Most stones will cut slightly to moderately included (75%+ Low to Medium Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Nigeria
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately .75 to 10.4+ Carats (3.33+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 539.74 Carats (162 Pieces) 107.95 Grams
PRICE: $1,079.48 ($2.00 Per Carat / $10.00 Per Gram)

Spectacular Lot of an Insane Paraiba Blue and almost Sapphire Blue colored Tourmaline from Nigeria. OK, this has to be some of the most SMOKING colored Tourmaline we have EVER seen come from Nigeria much less the world! Please note that this material was sold to us as "Paraiba Type" material and was said to have a Copper Component present! We haven't tested this material nor do we plan to and you SHOULD NOT buy it as being "Paraiba Type" material. We are content with a moderate profit margin and as such this may be one heck of a steal for some lucky buyer. Please don't buy this for the "Copper Component" possibility! The color on this material is what should sell itself.

The bulk of this has an open C axis and most stones are chunky crystal sections (Many of the stones in here are practically preformed because of the crystal structure of Tourmaline). The material overall is slightly to moderately included; however, it is extremely rare to find this colored Tourmaline in the market in any quality and we have seen Nigerians charging $30+ Per Gram for material similar IN NIGERIA! Please note that most stones will cut slightly included at best with quite a few moderately included stones in here. Much of the material has the most awesome almost Cornflower Blue C axis and just a perfect Blue and Neon Blue color AB axis and you will undoubtedly desire more of this though we don't know if we can get a hold of similar material in the future at a reasonable price. The material overall is a decent size averaging a 3.33+ carats and our price on this is a giveaway! This is one of the best colored lots we currently have up and it is one of our best deals likely to go quick so don't pass this by!

  1. Nigeria has steadily risen to be a powerhouse country for Tourmaline production and is now set to eclipse many traditional sources in sheer volume of material. Overall Nigerian material, like most African material, has the brownish overtones, darker colors and lacks the vibrancy and life that Afghan (and some Namibian and Nigerian) Tourmaline is known for; however, many Nigerian and African stones can cut beautiful finished gems that rival Afghan material. From my experience I don't think quality is even questionable as I still haven't seen any Tourmaline Floor me like the Best Afghani material in its natural crystal form! Afghan Tourmaline can cost an arm and a leg and Nigerian material is a great affordable substitute for everyone to have fun faceting some Tourmaline.