Lot: Emerald-12



COLOR: Bluish Green to Pastel Grassy Green
CLARITY: Should cut moderately included
ORIGIN: Nigeria
SIZE: Stones weighs in at 13.24 Carats (13.24 Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 13.24 Carats (1 Pieces) 2.648 Grams
PRICE: $52.96 ($4.00 Per Carat / $20.00 Per Gram)

Awesome Bluish Green LARGE Chunky Nigerian Emerald Crystal Facet and/or Cab Rough! Overall this piece is moderately included; however, we are confident with a little hard work and planning you will take out a spectacular finished stone from this. This stone does have some inclusions as I'm sure most realize is acceptable with Emeralds! This is an ideally shaped crystal section and will undoubtedly support a high weight return.

We ran this under our Chelsea Filter and it did NOT turn Red (indicating no Chromium presence); however, The color banding evident on this down the C axis clearly sets it out as being Emerald though we don't know the coloring agent for sure (It is probably Vanadium). We don't anticipate getting similar material again in the near future and it is worth picking up without thinking about it! It is really difficult to find Emerald Rough over a few carats and than to find something this large is out there next to impossible as it is all cut as soon as it is unearthed! This is the only parcel of this material we have and it was sent to us as a sample. It was discounted due to its sample status and we are selling it likewise. At the price we have on this I don't think there is any way you can go wrong with it.

  1. Nigeria is known to produce "Emerald" though designating the material Emerald has been hotly debated. Most of the Nigerian material tends to be a light Minty Green color and the material is commonly referred to as Chrome Beryl in the US.