Lot: Garnet-284




COLOR: Chrome Green, Emerald Green, Mint Green, Grassy Green
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to moderately included stones (30%+ High Facet Grade)
ORIGIN: Kunar, Afghanistan
SIZE: Stones range in size from .05 to 1.12 Carats (Approximately .20 Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 250.00 Carats 50 Grams
PRICE: $100.00 ( $.40 Per Carat / $2.00 Per Gram)

This is a fairly new find of Chromium Colored Green Garnet coming from Kunar, Afghanistan. OK Folks, we have NOT tested this; however, we are 99.9% sure it is the Afghan equivalent of Tsavorite! We have been hunting this material down for probably close to 6 years with little luck; however, over the course of the last few years we have managed to procure 2 parcels, this being part of the second parcel and considerably larger than the first. Overall we estimate that the lot is running roughly 30%+ High Facet Grade; however, this material is Melee averaging in around .20 carats and only ideally suited for Commercial Cutting or other Jewelry projects.

This material was purchased at a steal and that is the reason we can offer it at $2.00 Per gram! The material in this lot is fairly uniform and most is in the .15-.25 carat range with a few pieces that go up to about 1 or so carats though there are only a few of those. Overall the material is comparable to African material; however, many stones do show a dull etched exterior that looks to be natural unlike the Green Garnet produced in Africa. We don't really anticipate seeing much of this for the foreseeable future so we advise grabbing this as quick as you can! We are confident that for the price we have on this you could probably sell it in East Africa for Profit!!

  1. We have been hunting down Green Garnet in South Asia for several years now. We have managed to trace much of it back to Kunar, Afghanistan; however, the sizes tend to be small getting up to maybe about 2 or so carats at the largest end though the material is usually sub-carat for the most part. The material is Chromium Colored and ranges in color from a Mint Green to a super Emerald Green. The material is also typically very clean and rarely seen in crystal form.