Lot: Sunstone-2




COLOR: Aqua Blue, Minty Blue/Green, Sea-Foam Bluish Green and Greenish Blue
CLARITY: Will cut eye-clean to slightly included stones for the most part (75%+ High Facet Grade Rough)
ORIGIN:  Tanzania
SIZE: Stones range in size from approximately 3.58 to 9.90 Carats (6.40+ Carat Average)
WEIGHT: 166.50 Carats (26 Pieces) 33.3 Grams
PRICE: $249.75 ($1.50 Per Carat / $7.50 Per Gram)

Awesome Lot of very unusual Minty Bluish Green to Pastel Sea-Foam Bluish Green Sunstone Facet Rough from Tanzania. This is a really cool lot of extremely clean Sunstone Facet Rough from Tanzania. Overall the material is very glassy; however, there are some specs and traces of the fine sheen that Sunstone is so well known for in some stones. There is also some minor schiller in a few stones though this is usually concentrated on the periphery. This really is a great deal on an unusual Lot we got in from Tanzania and since we don't know if we can get any more I wouldn't advise hesitating on picking this up!

There are quite a few killer pieces in here. Most of the stones in this lot will cut eye-clean to very slightly included with a little hard work. Practically every stone in the lot is a nice and chunky crystal section capable of giving above average yield. The stones are nice and bright and should hold their color well once cut. The price on this just doesn't get any better!

  1. This is from a fairly new find of Sunstone coming from Tanzania. We haven't seen any other material coming from the region as clear and unusual as this and are confident this is a hot buy.